Sandra Kuzmina


Professional Experience

Technical Graphics
Supply Chain analysis and management
IT Project Management
Information Technology Governance
Software Testing
Web Development

Ms. Kuzmina has over 5 years of design experience in a variety of disciplines, including marketing, manufacturing, and printing. Her professional background includes development and implementation of work-spaces within a variety of environments, including factories, offices, and financial institutions.
In her most recent assignments, Ms. Kuzmina was responsible for the testing and implementation of a custom-design shop floor lot tracking system. She reported directly to the Project Manager and her responsibilities included programming, planning, design specifications, and dynamic graphic and data linkage between Angular and .NET. She collaborated with in-house specialists for planning Work Order formation; data connectivity and final testing.
Recent/current clients include SIA E-pasaule and Peak Performance.


Ms. Kuzmina holds a BS in Telecommunications from Riga Technical University and a Masters in Information Technology. Her software experience includes Microsoft Works, TurboCAD, Open Office, Microsoft Access, MS Project, SAP, Windows 7/XP, Linus/Ubuntu; and programming in C/AL, Python, HTML, SQL, ABAP


Ms. Kuzmina was born in Riga, Latvia and resides in Southern California. She is fluent in English, American Sign Language, Latvian, Russian and enjoys swimming, cinema and theatre.