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Manufacturing and Operations Strategy Consultants

Fujitsu Compound Semiconductors, Inc.

 DEHART CONSULTING has structured a strategic and innovative relationship between Fujitsu's corporate entity in Japan, its US counterpart in San Jose, and a foundry supplier in southern California that will serve as the foundation of a world class domestic operation... 

Gene Brannock, Executive Vice President Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, Inc.

Lockheed Martin SB Focal Plane

Manufacturing Facility Design | Goleta, CA

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lockheed martin 180

Manufacturing Fabrication & Assembly

Goleta, California

Project Type

Project Size
240,000 sf

Project Duration
Design – 6-months
Build – 9-months

LM-SBFP is a world-wide leader in the design and fabrication of defense and aerospace components and was tasked with doubling its production throughput within its existing manufacturing footprint. DCI was hired to redesign the factory layout within the context of lean manufacturing principles and to assure the overall capacity increase.

The high-mix production environment involved a broad range of processes and products. DCI analyzed the value chain and reworked the facility layout delivering a 3x reduction in production span and the needed 2x increase in capacity.

A novel technology for demand-pull production was proposed to minimize floorspace dedicated to work-in-process inventory. Design Engineering, Facilities, and Operations Management staff we part of the team that assured the designs met the needs of all involved.

The design won the approval of corporate management and was implemented over a 2-year period.


  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Facility Design
  • Construction Oversight

Vendor Coordination

  • Production Equipment
  • Information Technologies
  • ESD Facilitation