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Manufacturing and Operations Strategy Consultants

Fujitsu Compound Semiconductors, Inc.

 DEHART CONSULTING has structured a strategic and innovative relationship between Fujitsu's corporate entity in Japan, its US counterpart in San Jose, and a foundry supplier in southern California that will serve as the foundation of a world class domestic operation... 

Gene Brannock, Executive Vice President Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, Inc.

XILINX, Inc. AsiaPac Headquarters

Manufacturing Facility Design | San Jose, CA | Singapore

xilinx practise areas


xilinx practise areas 2xilinx practise areas

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Manufacturing, Engineering, & Distribution Center

Changi Business Park, Singapore

Project Type

Project Size
290,655 sf

Project Duration
18 months

Xilinx Inc is the leader in programmable logic devices with 50% of the world market share. In the brief to DCI, space efficiency and sustainability was a core design consideration.

The warehouse is designed with automation in mind with direct material handling conduits to the production floor. Smart features such as air flushing, light management system and intelligent environmental features provide a productive working environment.

Tasked to ensure the incorporation of worldwide demand projections to Xilinx’s headquarters, DCI proposed features that enabled a mere 1.1% increase in construction investment but reaps an expected $500,000 savings each year.  DCI was responsible for analyzing production rates and capacity to assure that the resulting design was capable of meeting the needs of the 5-year forecast.

The project was awarded Platinum Green Award by Building & Construction Authority of Singapore, the first ever for a privately developed industrial facility.


  • Facility Design
  • Construction Oversight

Vendor Coordination

  • Production Equipment
  • Warehouse Automation
  • ESD Facilitation
  • Security