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Harmonic Inc


Sunnyvale, CA, Module One
Contracted to the Vice President of Operations with the objective of expanding the electronic manufacturing operations to accommodate a 3X increase in production capacity. Formed design teams from the production, warehousing, and engineering personnel. Designed and implemented four product-focused manufacturing cells and a new stockroom and warehouse space. Worked with the architectural firm to layout, detail, and subsequently construct the expansion. 

Sunnyvale, CA, Module Two
Contracting to the Director of Materials identified the organizational changes necessary to enable dramatic growth and eliminate procurement process bottlenecks. Applied Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints to the deficiencies in material cost management and the strategic supply base to identify the specific actions required to lead this manufacturer to world-class standing.

Developed a template for Supply Agreements with key supply partners in the area of Contract Electronic Manufacturing and electronic components. Identified and negotiated cost reductions of 35% in focused commodity areas.

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CalAmp, Inc.
"DEHART CONSULTING, INC.'s flow-based manufacturing methods enabled California Amplifier to significantly reduce floor space, manufacturing cycle-time, and overhead staffing requirements, reduce our material costs by nearly 20%, while over tripling California Amplifier's inventory turns to 10+..."
-- Fred Sturm, President and CEO
California Amplifier, Inc.