Trending Survey on Manufacturing Routing Variations

What is your company's approximate routing variability

Routing variability (RV) survey, this is sometimes known as high-mix, but high-mix can also mean products with the same or similar routings (manufacturing process sequence) with many different finished SKUs. For example, products can go through the same process, but have different raw materials, operation variances, or final test results and end up with different part numbers.

We specifically want to characterize the company based on manufacturing routing variability and not necessarily SKU variability.

Metric for routing variability within a company:
(# Routings / # Products) * 100 - this measure would be 100 if each of your products have a unique routing and would approach 0 if you have many products and few routings.

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Harmonic Inc


Sunnyvale, CA, Module One
Contracted to the Vice President of Operations with the objective of expanding the electronic manufacturing operations to accommodate a 3X increase in production capacity. Formed design teams from the production, warehousing, and engineering personnel. Designed and implemented four product-focused manufacturing cells and a new stockroom and warehouse space. Worked with the architectural firm to layout, detail, and subsequently construct the expansion. 

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