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About DeHart

CalAmp, Inc.

  DEHART CONSULTING, INC.'s flow-based manufacturing methods enabled California Amplifier to significantly reduce floor space, manufacturing cycle-time, and overhead staffing requirements, reduce our material costs by nearly 20%, while over tripling California Amplifier's inventory turns to 10+...  

Fred Sturm, President and CEO California Amplifier, Inc.

We are a team of operation management consultants focused on helping manufacturing clients compete in today’s very volatile marketplace.

DeHart Consulting (DCI) is an industrial engineering firm whose strength is in implementation of facility designs. Working with the client’s end users, architects, and facilities professionals, we will handle the project from concept to completion.

Facility design consulting and industrial engineering has been at the heart of our practice since we began our practice in the 1990’s. Our industrial and process engineers come from Engineering and Manufacturing environments in the semiconductor, electronics, and photonics industries and take a hands-on approach to solving problems.

Practice Areas

Manufacturing Facility Design
DeHart Consulting is an industrial engineering firm whose strength is in implementation of facility designs. Working with the client’s end users, architects, and facilities professionals, we will handle the project from concept to completion.
Engineering Lab Design
DCI's Engineering Lab Design Consultants extensive industrial engineering experience in the electronics, photonics, and semiconductor industry, we are uniquely positioned to understand these requirements and translate them into innovative, flexible, and enduring engineering lab designs.
Supply Chain Development
DCI provides consulting services in the area of supply chain strategy, advising clients in the areas of commodity management procurement processes, and procurement contract development.
Product Cost Reduction
In highly competitive markets, achieving product cost goals the product of setting the right goals and dedicating the organizational resources necessary to achieve them.
Software Development
DCI has developed simple and effective add-on software for common ERP systems that enable the use of demand-pull, just-in-time supply chain logistics policies.
Demand-pull Shop Floor
Vortex TM is a patented software developed for high-mix, non-repetitive manufacturers as an outgrowth of the DCI's Lean Manufacturing methodologies.

Why Dehart Consulting?


    DCI partners are Individuals with a minimum of 20 years of experience in business process re-engineering, strategic procurement, and operations management, who operate solely for the benefit of the client. Each partner has expertise in an area of operations management, lean manufacturing, and manufacturing cost reduction, which is critical to the specific needs of each operations management project.
    Partner skills include Strategic Procurement, Lean Factory & Warehouse Design, Product and Manufacturing Cost Reduction, and manufacturing software services.

    DCI's team-based consulting increases overall project commitment and buy-in which paves the way for full implementation of the work being designed. We have found over the years that when the client's personnel are brought into the project early and when key client stakeholders are involved in the assignment, the results are stunningly successful. While this approach requires an investment of time from the client, the investment greatly enhances the probability of a successful implementation.

    Our consulting team offers a vast array of expertise for your specific needs. Facility Design (Manufacturing and Technical Spaces), Manufacturing Process Development (Electronics, Photonics, and Microelectronics), Supply Chain Development, Operations Performance, Benchmarking, Operations Organizational Development, NPI Development Track Definition, Material Cost Reduction, Procurement Contracts, Acquisition Due Diligence, Production and Materials Planning Processes, Lean Manufacturing Processes Just-in-Time, Visual Production Scheduling are all in our wheel-house! Contact us today to learn more.

    DeHart Consulting focuses on the swift and cost-effective implementation of operations management change, not paper studies or open-ended recommendations. Results that make a difference to your bottom line.

    • Reducing job shop manufacturing lead times
    • Increasing On-time Delivery
    • Increasing business process speed
    • Reducing Engineering design time
    • Increasing factory productivity
    • Manufacturing cost reductions
    • Reducing material costs

    With extensive experience in:

    • Manufacturing Cost Reduction
    • Production Cycle-time Reduction
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Outsourcing
    • Performance Benchmarking
    • Materials Acquisition Cost Reduction
    • Facility Design
    • Acquisition-related Due Diligence
    • Production Planning Systems

    Count on DCI to swiftly deliver cost-effective recommendations for your operations.


    Your start-up business will benefit from our experience in:

    • Supply Chain Strategy/Design
    • Outsource Partner Development
    • Operational Infrastructure Development
    • ERP Systems Design/Selection
    • New Product Introduction Process
    • Design For Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing Process Development
    • Interim Management

    Contact us today for more information.


Our aim is to combine the client company's expertise in its market with our expertise in world class lean manufacturing strategies to achieve results that allow the company to out-learn and out-compete its competition.

Most successful companies are customer-focused and DeHart Consulting capitalizes on this by simplifying the client company's internal processes, reducing manufacturing costs and allowing it to turn wasted resources into customer wins.

Most suppliers are also customer focused and DeHart Consulting capitalizes on this by using strategic procurement to market the company's potential and form strong supplier partnerships.

DeHart Consulting focuses on swift and cost-effective implementation of operations management change, not paper studies or open-ended recommendations.


  • Sustainability +
    Focusing on proactive sustainability in our governance and the work we do is fundamental to our strategic growth. DCI’s approach to sustainability encompasses not only our own operations, but the services we provide and the results we achieve for our customers. We strive to be a leader in the delivery of state-of-the-art designs and software solutions that improve productivity, conversion efficiency, waste, and environmental performance. The fundamental tenets of Lean Manufacturing are oriented to reduce the waste of resources and improve our clients’ environmental footprint and this is the focus of our practice. By advancing our society’s efforts to transition to a more sustainable future, we are doing our part to make sustainability become a reality. DCI bases its corporate social responsibility work and sustainable development on the ESG (environmental, social and governance) backbone as well as on globally accepted principles such as the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the ETI Base Code.
  • Climate and Environment +
    Energy efficiency and waste are the most important aspects of reducing the human impact on the environment. Factory design and software solutions that enable companies to reduce their energy usage and material waste are strong contributions to a more sustainable future. These design efforts contributed to our client, Xilinx, achieving the Platinum Green Award by the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore, the first ever for a privately developed industrial facility. We also put this focus to work on our own facilities with the use of our rooftop solar electric system and various novel lighting schemes to improve the energy efficiency of offices.
  • Safety +
    DCI’s as a corporation is proud of its 100% accident-free safety record and its focus on a healthy environment for our employees. In our products, our real-time demand-pull technology and understanding of the fundamentals of demand-pull production have created new opportunities for our customers to achieve higher levels of automation and clutter-free manufacturing environments. In our facility designs and construction plans, operator training and safety play a lead part in setting requirements. DCI’s goal is that our designs play a valuable part in reducing injuries in the workplace.
  • People +
    DCI’s corporate philosophy takes into consideration that our employees are our most important resource and we create a working environment climate that provides all our staff with opportunities to develop new skills and initiate their own goals. We also select partners with the same values, and we diffuse new understanding of production methods and technologies to the workforces of our clients so that they have the opportunity to grow as well.
  • Social Responsibility +
    DCI inculcates an understanding of social responsibility to all its employees and actively participates in the betterment of the communities in which we work. A keen respect for human rights is a focus both within the company and the supply chains we develop.
  • Anti-bribery and Corruption +
    We consider the avoidance of bribery, extortion and other forms of corruption, to be a bedrock component of the long-term success of our business as well as the business with which we interact. DCI proactively develops policies and concrete programs to address corruption internally and within our supply chain, and with this we promote ethical competition. With these proactive policies, our aim is to avoid the legal, reputational, and financial risks associated with business behaviors that fall short of the highest levels of integrity.
  • Environment +
    The ISO 14000 family of environmental management practices are the tools with which we manage our environmental responsibilities and those of our suppliers. Though our Lean Manufacturing methodologies, DCI enables our clients and their employees to achieve higher levels of quality in their manufacturing processes, thus reducing waste and improving the yields and utilization rates of materials and energy. Our perspective is end-to-end environmental management process that are based on improving efficiencies from the receipt of the order to the shipment of the product and all the ancillary processes required to run the business.