Manufacturing operations consultants

Manufacturing and Operations Strategy Consultants

DeHart Consulting, Inc. offers Operations management consulting services to manufacturing companies.
  • Manufacturing Facility Design and Industrial Engineering
  • Engineering of business and manufacturing processes
  • Demand-pull shop floor implementations
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Outsourcing Decision Analysis
  • Manufacturing Operations Strategy
  • Manufacturing systems software implementations
  • Technology Manufacturing Companies
  • Team-based Lean manufacturing principles
  • High-mix Manufacturing Demand-pull software
  • Cost and cost reduction analysis
  • Simplification of material and production planning systems
  • Product development and concurrent engineering processes
  • Supply chain engineering
  • New product innovation and introduction
  • Bring the power of your manufacturing operations strategy to bear on team-based ownership of Customer Service. The best lean manufacturing organizations have learned how to focus individuals within the company and entities within the supply chain on serving the customer first.
  • Do we outsource or implement our own manufacturing operation? What about hybrid structures?
  • What path will lead to the lowest unit cost, working capital, and highest customer service levels?
  • What Quality systems will we need to improve performance and dovetail with customers?
  • Is an Enterprise Resource Planning System necessary, and at what point?
  • How about Manufacturing Execution Systems?
  • How much capacity will we need and what will it cost?
  • How can location influence my competitiveness and where is the best fit?
  • What service levels will our customers require?

These are all crucial questions that DCI helps its customers answer.

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Harmonic Inc


Sunnyvale, CA, Module One
Contracted to the Vice President of Operations with the objective of expanding the electronic manufacturing operations to accommodate a 3X increase in production capacity. Formed design teams from the production, warehousing, and engineering personnel. Designed and implemented four product-focused manufacturing cells and a new stockroom and warehouse space. Worked with the architectural firm to layout, detail, and subsequently construct the expansion. 

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Raving Fans


lean manufacturing consultants

Harmonic, Inc.
"DEHART CONSULTING, INC., working hand-in-hand with our factory personnel, redesigned our manufacturing areas and material flows to enable a 250% growth in output with only a 70% increase in floor space. Additionally, the changes were documented, implemented, and provided a clear path for future expansion."

-- Mike Yost, Vice President, Operations
Harmonic, Inc.