Manufacturing operations consultants

Manufacturing and Operations Strategy Consultants

DeHart Consulting, Inc. offers Operations management consulting services to manufacturing companies.
  • Manufacturing Facility Design and Industrial Engineering
  • Engineering of business and manufacturing processes
  • Demand-pull shop floor implementations
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Outsourcing Decision Analysis
  • Manufacturing Operations Strategy
  • Manufacturing systems software implementations
  • Technology Manufacturing Companies
  • Team-based Lean manufacturing principles
  • High-mix Manufacturing Demand-pull software
  • Cost and cost reduction analysis
  • Simplification of material and production planning systems
  • Product development and concurrent engineering processes
  • Supply chain engineering
  • New product innovation and introduction
  • Bring the power of your manufacturing operations strategy to bear on team-based ownership of Customer Service. The best lean manufacturing organizations have learned how to focus individuals within the company and entities within the supply chain on serving the customer first.
  • Do we outsource or implement our own manufacturing operation? What about hybrid structures?
  • What path will lead to the lowest unit cost, working capital, and highest customer service levels?
  • What Quality systems will we need to improve performance and dovetail with customers?
  • Is an Enterprise Resource Planning System necessary, and at what point?
  • How about Manufacturing Execution Systems?
  • How much capacity will we need and what will it cost?
  • How can location influence my competitiveness and where is the best fit?
  • What service levels will our customers require?

These are all crucial questions that DCI helps its customers answer.

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Xilinx, Inc.

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San Jose, CA, Module Five

Designed a new engineering lab to accommodate growth in the SERDES Product Engineering group, 4,000 square-feet in total, built in three phases to prevent productivity losses during current-space renovation. Primary project objectives were doubling bench capacity, improvements in wire management, reduced acoustical noise levels, and improvements in Electrostatic Discharge prevention. Deliverables included facility designs and accompanying CAD files, utility requirements for Power, Networking, Clean Dry Air, and Chilled Coolant loops for chillers that serviced coolant to test fixtures. Additional Details

San Jose, CA, Module Four

Designed a new engineering lab and back-end test lab, 10,000 square-feet in total, for a new domestic site housing the company's Complex Programmable Logic Device Product Line.

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Raving Fans


operations strategy consultants

CalAmp, Inc.
"DEHART CONSULTING, INC.'s flow-based manufacturing methods enabled California Amplifier to significantly reduce floor space, manufacturing cycle-time, and overhead staffing requirements, reduce our material costs by nearly 20%, while over tripling California Amplifier's inventory turns to 10+..."
-- Fred Sturm, President and CEO
California Amplifier, Inc.