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Manufacturing Cost Reduction

The key to manufacturing standard cost reduction is to first identify the cost goals based on the pricing forecast and the company's business financial model. In other words, manufacturing cost reduction is a top-down process. Operations has little control over market pricing and therefore the process has to start with pricing assumptions. Then, based on the pricing forecast and the expected margins, goals can be set for manufacturing cost.

These goals can then be made reality for the business unit based on a manufacturing cost reduction plan that sets out the detailed tasks to be accomplished. Conversion costs must be in line with market expectations and the market is not controllable. The DCI model for manufacturing cost reduction uses the demand forecast as a given, and focuses on controlling the elements of cost that can be controlled:

  • Production cycle times
  • Supplier partnerships
  • Inventory levels
  • Outsourcing - sources and extent
  • Non-value added processes
  • Procurement and material acquisition costs
  • Factory Utilization rates
  • Waste Reduction
  • Reliability Improvement
  • Alternative material selection
  • Quality management and control
  • Logistics Costs
  • Warehousing efficiencies
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems

In highly competitive markets, achieving product cost goals the product of setting the right goals and dedicating the organizational resources necessary to achieve them. If your understanding of manufacturing cost is sufficient (Click to read about our simple manufacturing cost analysis software), then we can help to set out a plan and execute it. If the first step in understanding product cost needs work, we can help there as well.

Beyond that, we can show how improving reliability adds profit directly to the bottom line by reducing cost. Finding the weak links in a design prior to production launch is one very effective method of reducing manufacturing cost and is essential to the 3P process. “Using the process of Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) can reduce time to market and increase the reliability of your product at the time of product launch”, says Mike Silverman, Managing Partner of Ops A La Carte Consulting and Owner of HALT and HASS Labs in Santa Clara California.

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Harmonic Inc


Sunnyvale, CA, Module One
Contracted to the Vice President of Operations with the objective of expanding the electronic manufacturing operations to accommodate a 3X increase in production capacity. Formed design teams from the production, warehousing, and engineering personnel. Designed and implemented four product-focused manufacturing cells and a new stockroom and warehouse space. Worked with the architectural firm to layout, detail, and subsequently construct the expansion. 

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Raving Fans


supply chain consultants

Fujitsu Compound Semiconductors, Inc.
"DEHART CONSULTING has structured a strategic and innovative relationship between Fujitsu's corporate entity in Japan, its US counterpart in San Jose, and a foundry supplier in southern California that will serve as the foundation of a world class domestic operation..."
-- Gene Brannock, Executive Vice President
Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, Inc.